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Guest Post: How to Write an Unforgettable Closing Line

This morning, please welcome author Jonathan Vars to the blog! Jonathan Vars is a Christian fiction writer from New England, founder of the writing website voltampsreactive.com. His work in literary … Continue Reading →


A New Podcast for Your Creative Self

I absolutely love podcasts. If you don’t, you should. These days, podcasts are essential to keep my creative fires from fading out under the weight of the rest of life. … Continue Reading →

This, however, is a yawn.

Introducing My Newest Reason to Procrastinate!

Hi everyone. It’s been a damn sight six months since I’ve made a true, honest-to-goodness update. Except for eulogizing my favorite-ever writer, Pat Conroy, back in March, of course. I … Continue Reading →

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A Eulogy for Pat Conroy, the Prince of Tides

Georgia-born literary novelist Pat Conroy died at his home last Friday, March 4, 2016. He was 70 years old. I’d nurtured the deeply personal dream of meeting him in person … Continue Reading →


[Guest Post] 7 Tips for Creating an Antihero that Readers Would Love

This is a guest post from Stephanie Norman. Stephanie is from Sydney, and has been a contributing blogger and professional writer for 4 years already. She writes creative, and academic … Continue Reading →

What Do You Do When Your Plot Changes Halfway through?

What Do You Do When Your Plot Changes Halfway Through?

Today’s oddly musical post title brought to you by the uniquely writerly combination of leftover taco fixins and hot coffee. I know; my life is glamorous. Are you a pantser? … Continue Reading →

The soul should always stand ajar, ready to welcome the ecstatic experience. -Emily Dickinson

Motivation Monday: When Your Characters Are Ready for New Experiences, and You Aren’t

Before I began to participate in the literary blogosphere, I had no idea that characters in novels sometimes did things their authors didn’t allow, or even anticipate. 

But I bet they cashed in on the 2-hour one-day-only sale at Macy's.

Why I Don’t Write During the Holiday Season (And You Shouldn’t, Either)

Holidays, man. If you celebrate the typical Judeo-Christian calendar, we’re in the last leg of the holiday marathon. We’ve hit the wall. Those of us with kids are looking forward … Continue Reading →

I don't work with inspiration. Inspiration is for amateurs. I just get to work.

Motivation Monday: Is Inspiration Really for Amateurs?

Them’s fightin’ words, Chuck Close. Especially for me, since one of the things I love to do is get dormant writers writing.


Weird Sources of Writing Inspiration, Part 2: Surround Your Social Media with Writing

One way to make sure you’re never out of the writing mindset is to soak your head in it, every waking minute. At least, while you’re online. (Also check out … Continue Reading →

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