10 Affirmations Every Experienced Writer Needs

In a previous post, I talked about why affirmations are important to help new writers overcome the unique challenge they face. But affirmations are also a hugely valuable tool in an experienced writer’s arsenal. Are you a seasoned writing pro? Here are some affirmations you can use to help take your writing to the next level.

Sun Rises From Haleakala

How to Use Affirmations

New Agey-ness has imbued the technique of affirmations with mystical power, when really, affirmations are just snippets of internal dialogue. They can be positive, negative or neutral. To use affirmations, you have to consciously replace your negative and neutral internal statements with positive ones, by either thinking them or saying them out loud.

Try These Affirmations

10. I’m free to take my writing in any direction I want.

9. I’ve gotten more creative over time.

8. I can deal with any curveball my writing throws at me. 

7. My career is only going to get better. 

6. I’ve always got the energy to start a new project.

5. I’m a better, more skillful writer because I’ve worked hard.

4. My current projects will be successful because I have the skills and experience to make them so.

3. I will never run out of ideas.

2. I can successfully handle any subject matter, large or small. 

1. By writing, I’m making the world a better place. 

Write Your Own Affirmations

The best thing about using affirmations is that you can create your own to combat the unique challenges raised by your internal critic, and the affirmative technique will still work. For example, if you’re deep into book three in a trilogy, you can say, “This book will be the best in the trilogy, and my agent will love it.” Or, if you’re busy on deadline and afraid you’re contracting a case of writer’s block, say, “I’m still creative and I’m going to stay productive until my project is finished.”


What do you think about affirmations? Helpful? Hokey? Share your experience in the comments.