Motivation Monday: 20 Fun Ways to Know Your Subject

Here are a few ways to beat the case of writer’s block you may or may not be experiencing today. 

Getting to know your subject, main character or setting is one of the best ways to grease the wheels of your writing mind, solve writer’s block problems or simply to fall back in love with whatever you’re writing. Here are 20 ways you can poke your subject from a new angle and learn a little bit more about it.


20. Visit Awkward Family Photos. Which family does your character belong to?

19. Talk about how the mail is delivered in your dystopian society. If it’s not delivered, when did it stop? Why?

18. What kind of car does your main character drive? What do you think it says about them?

17. Would your main character go to Tim Horton’s Dunkin’ Donuts or Starbucks? Why?

16. What is your character’s favorite color? (Prosaic oldie, but goodie.)

15. Is your antagonist a steak eater? Does he or she like it well-done, rare or raw?

14. What’s the first entry on your antagonist’s resume?

13. Can you find any of your supporting characters on the

12. Is your main character better with faces or names?

11. If you lived in the world you’re building, what kind of dwelling would you pick for yourself?

10. If your protagonist had a parrot, what phrases would the bird pick up?

9. What’s your favorite season in the place where your story’s set?

8. If you ever met your antagonist, what do you think he or she’d say about you?

7. What would your protagonist say?

6. What color is the sky in your setting?

5. What traffic sin would your protagonist be guilty of committing? Not using a turn signal? Speeding?

4. Do your characters have entries on What do their names mean?

3. What’s the one thing about you that would annoy your antagonist the most?

2. Could you and your protagonist be next-door neighbors?

1. What’s your protagonist’s favorite book?


What other ways do you get to know your subjects? Share in the comments.