[Guest Post] 4 Ways for Writers to Make Money in Marketing

This guest post is by Linda Craig, an established editor with experience in education. Unemployed or lightly employed writers – LISTEN UP. Linda has some advice and some ideas for you! Make this Friday your last one without a paycheck with her ideas, below. (You can follow Linda on Twitter at @LindaUKmasters.) 

As a writer, you know how challenging it is to land very good projects. You need ongoing projects that pay a steady income, but this is very difficult. Therefore, you need to supplement your income and you can do it by performing smaller marketing jobs that pay quite well. So let’s check out several useful hints on where to find these types of jobs, and increase your monthly income.

4. Crowd Sourcing Websites

Web portals such as CrowdSpring, SquadHelp or SloganSlingers could be a very good starting point. Here, the clients post different slogan or company naming jobs. They have a set budget between $50 and up to even $500 per job. People who are members on the site can submit several entries, and if your suggestion is chosen, the money is awarded to you.

If you spend only half an hour each day on these creative tasks, and win only one job per moth that’s already an extra monthly income for you. Participate in the types of projects that you have a good knowledge in the topic, and submit your smart ideas. With quite a little effort and some creativity you could increase your income by up to $300 -$500 per month.

3. Look for editing tasks

There are different writing services companies available online. The experts are constantly looking for fresh talent that can join them. If you are good at editing you could join the assignment writing team AssignmentMasters for example and increase your monthly budget. Editing is an easy and quick job, and if you are an experienced writer already, there should be no problems at all.

Just send a few inquiries to these types of companies and ask if they hire any extra help. Editing pays well, and you don’t have to use all your creativity like you do when you write. You will be assigned different projects (home assignment, Thesis pages, essays) and you need to edit them to perfection. Then, at the end of the month you get paid and that’s it!

2. Item description jobs

There are plenty of e-Commerce site owners who need to upload on their website descriptions for each item they sell. For example, for a watch store they have maybe hundreds of different types and brands of watches. You would need to write a short description (up to 100 words) for each item. New items are added every now and then, so you would have constant work.

For these types of projects, they generally pay per description. You can make up to $5 or $10 or even more for ach description you complete. The descriptions are short indeed, but they need to be extremely creative and capable of persuading the reader this item is a good purchase. You can look for such projects on websites such as Elance or UpWork for example.

1. Micro marketing tasks

Some other crowdsourcing portals for marketing jobs are represented by Amazon’s Mechanical Turk or Fiverr. On MTurk you basically complete projects such as tagging photos, categorizing items, finding mistakes in sentences, etc. There are thousands of tasks you can work on, and you will be paid per task completed. There’s no obligation whatsoever; you can complete as many tasks as you want, whenever you want. They pay lower per project, but still, you can make some extra money into your Amazon Account.

On Fiverr, you are allowed to post tasks that you are ready to complete for $5. For example, you can advertise you will write a short poem for $5, or edit one page for $5, or even write a 200 word article for $5. Clients will contact you, and for each task completed you are paid. At the end of the month, you could increase your budget by $100 or more, depending on how many tasks you are asked to complete.


There are many possibilities out there for writers. The online world is filled with marketers, who need assistance in order to perform their jobs. Whether it is editing, copy/pasting, writing short slogans or proofreading website content, you can do them all. By completing these marketing jobs you will stay away a little bit from the monotony of just writing, and you can earn some extra money each month.

What do you think of these tips? DO you have any other recommendations out there for unique writing niches to fill? Share in the comments.