A New Podcast for Your Creative Self

I absolutely love podcasts. If you don’t, you should. These days, podcasts are essential to keep my creative fires from fading out under the weight of the rest of life. To extend the metaphor, hearing from other creatives is like oxygen on hot coals, fanning productivity into flame.

Anyway, I have found a new favorite podcast. Helmed with careful, thoughtful interviewing by Charlie Gilkey, the Creative Giant podcast is packed with famous names (Seth Godin and Jeff Goins among them) who share their stories, creative philosophies and more on themed episodes that are focused and streamlined enough to always, always leave you with a takeaway nugget to improve your own process or even just get you motivated.

How I Found It

Like most things both good and bad, my knowledge of Creative Giant came from stream-of-consciousness Google search which, I think, was “making time to write newborn baby.”

Shameless sharing of most recent cuteness overload:



As a result of my nonsensical Googling, I stumbled upon an excellent blog post, titled Making Time to Write When You Have Young Children: Mission Impossible? on Joanna Penn’s The Creative Penn blog. The post, written by Ali Luke, has fantastic tips, and also recommends one of the Creative Giant’s podcast episodes, titled Cultivating Creativity During Motherhood with Lucy Pearce.

What convoluted paths we follow to information.

Anywhoozle, Lucy Pearce is turning out to be a soul sister of mine as she talks about mothers who are fueled by internal creative fires – writing, painting, gardening, sculpting, dancing, whatever – and also want to be good, attentive, nurturing moms. When creatives become parents, they often find themselves with an unanticipated dual identity, and struggle to find the right balance between nurturing and parenting their kids, and growing and producing in their area of creativity.

Like me. I want to do both.

RW_titleAlso, A Book

Does this sound like you? Lucy has a book I’m currently reading, called The Rainbow Way: Cultivating Creativity in the Midst of Motherhood, and so far, it really speaks to me. I think what most new parents need is permission – permission to love and devote themselves to their kids without restrictions or limitations, but also to continue to see themselves as creative, producing, inspired people, and to act accordingly, with the new framework of time in which they’ve found themselves.

(PS: I don’t personally know Lucy Pearce, she has not asked me to promote her book, and I’m not getting anything from her book sales. I just really like this book and it’s speaking to me right now, and I’m hoping she’s OK with me using her cover as an image on my blog. So there.)

Check it out if you’re a parent feeling the creative/nurturer tug. It might help with that feeling that you’re being pulled apart like monkey bread.

Mmmm, monkey bread.


Do you have any good creativity-focused podcasts to recommend? I love new ones. Please share. Feed me!