My name is Shanan, and I’m a writer with a problem. I do more procrastinating than writing, more “research” than writing, more brainstorming than writing and finally, more agonizing over the fact that I haven’t written anything than – you guessed it – actually writing.

But I have a feeling I’m not the only one with this particular botheration. You might be here because you’re looking for stuff to inspire you to write, or to find commiseration from a fellow traveler who, like you, struggles every day with what writerly activities I should be doing versus what I actually did. If so, you’re in the right place!

Or maybe you’re a super-productive writer, a prolific blogger, a NaNoWriMo ninja and are steadily climbing the literary ladder. Maybe you’re only on The Procrastiwriter because you’re taking a bit of scheduled mental downtime before leaping into your next big project. If so, I salute you, and I’d love to learn how you do what you do! (Seriously, how do you do it? If you feel like sharing your secret to proliferousness, email me at shanan@theprocrastiwriter.com and I’ll feature your greatness on the blog.)

About me: I’m a business writer working part-time in an in-hospital healthcare marketing department in Connecticut, and staying home with a toddler. I’m living the WAHM (work-at-home-mom) life. And like just about everyone, I have to get creative to find the time to write.

The Procrastiwriter is about how to fit your writing in around a full-time life. It can be done, or so I’m told. Read on to find out if it’s true.


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