[Guest Post] Creative Ways to Battle Writer’s Block!

This morning, please welcome writer Ben Russel to The Procrastiwriter! His helpful thoughts on battling the all-consuming writer’s block will help you march past all kinds of creative impasses. Ben works as a content marketing expert contributing to solidessay.com and godotmedia.com. Upon availability, Ben also helps students with their academic papers.

Writing is an interesting career that requires a writer to think outside the box and being creative. Writing in the same field becomes exhaustive and the writer may find it difficult to write different ideas in the similar field. Therefore, this leads to self-plagiarism. In order to overcome the writers’ block, the writer must engage various strategies concurrently. This article discusses the creative ways to battle the writer’s block giving personal views on the same.

Starting differently

Writing long posts is a hard task for writers because of monopoly. To make it simple, the writer should divide the writing into different independent sections that will be joined together after finishing the writing. More important, the writer may bring an idea that may better fit in the last part of the paper when doing the first section, and hence, separating it will help the writer to jump to the final section before forgetting the idea in mind.

Researching the materials you want to write about

Writing requires creativity which can be borne by reading other materials written by others. To cultivate the ideas in mind, the writer must be able to engage other writers. This can be done by reading other materials written by other writers in the same or related topics. The knowledge gained from researching makes the writer stand in good stead by borrowing and engaging the researched ideas differently. Fact checking is also an important tool because it will entice the readers and hence make the masterpiece a reliable and credible piece for readers. This also helps the writer to compare the ideas and come up with the best solution in writing regarding the topic under study.

The attitude of the writer

The matter of attitude may play a great part in destructing the writer. It is important for writers to plan their time before getting down to work. The most important part is making sure that there are no destructions in the line of duty. Additionally, engaging morning hours when the mind is fresh is a good idea for the writers. When the writer is exhausted, he/she tries something creative to divert the mind from monopoly. This builds the creative part of the brain that will play a great part in writing.

Enlarge the locus of control

Writing requires the writer to think beyond what is flowing in mind. This is made possible when the writer enlarges the locus of thinking and comes up with other ideas that flow in their minds. Freewriting help the writer to think about many ideas at the same time and putting them in writing, which acts as a brain training tool and part of the writing may be drafted in your future writings. Also, the writer can create new challenges to fit in the writings. For example, the writer can introduce a new metaphor or riddle in the masterpiece. This will bring new ideas trying to connect the introduced metaphor or riddle in the writing.

Writing is an interesting but at the same engaging and demanding task. Accepting the writer’s block makes it harder for writers to complete their writings. Though there are ways to overcome the writer’s block, the writer must engage creative ways to make it interesting. Also, what works out for me may not work out for you and hence, the writer should determine the best methods to instill in order to overcome the writer’s block. Understanding the effective way to overcome the obstacles in writing will, therefore, play a big role in choosing the right method.