[Guest Post] Tips to Bring Back That Loving (Writing) Feeling

Are you in a dry spell?

No passion, no connection, just dry ashes where a healthy fire used to burn? 

…With your writing, I mean?


Well, Positive Writer is here to help! My guest post, which contains all sorts of practical, under-5-minutes ways to bring that passion for your work back into your life, is now up for you to view. 

Check it out here: Tips to Bring Back That Loving (Writing) Feeling

Once again, thanks to Bryan Hutchinson and Positive Writer for letting me post!

Are you commemorating Good Friday today? 

Is Positive Writer on your must-read list? What other writing blogs do you like?

How do you feel about writing podcasts? I’m digging Mur Lafferty’s I Should Be Writing right now. 

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