Keep It Fresher, Longer: Tips to Finish the Writing You’ve Started (Guest Post on Positive Writer!)

So you’ve got a notebook full of ideas. Scratch that. You’ve got drawerfuls of notebooks, full of ideas. You’ve got Post-It notes in odd places, like next to your bed, in your purse, jammed in your wallet and stuck on your bathroom mirror. There’s a notebook in your car for you to jot down your latest brain wave at stoplights. But despite all this faithful idea-collecting, you’re not getting the writing done.

Sound familiar? Check out my guest post on Positive Writer, Why You’re Not Finishing What You Started (and How to) for ways to make sure those ideas, so bright and shiny for a paragraph, page, or chapter, stay fresh enough to carry you through to the end.

Credit: dgrosso23,
Credit: dgrosso23,

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