Monday Motivation: Not My Meme

Let it be known that I did not make this meme, and I have no idea who did, but I love it. 1521265_712498055442102_2019427483_n

There are two sides to most types of pure anxiety: The desire to control the outcome (rooted in the feeling that anything other than that which we want to happen is unacceptable, unendurable, overwhelming), and the intolerance of uncertainty (howcanIknowwhencanIknowwhatiftheworsthappens?)

I’ve been to this place so often I’ve planted my orange flag in its greasy black soil.

Are you fighting fear today? You’re not alone. Make today the day you sharpen both sides of your sword to answer and neutralize both the conditions of anxiety, bolded above.

You can



do it.

Happy Monday!