Motivation Monday: Creation Without Formal Education

I am deeply insecure about the fact that I never went to school for my MFA.

I applied. Oh, I applied. I was accepted to every MFA program I applied to, including Sarah Lawrence College’s program.

But I got funding for none, and was not willing to tack on more debt after I’d just finished my undergraduate education, so here I am with a BA in Professional/Technical Writing, and no MFA, with dreams of writing and publishing on the same level as MFA holders.

That’s why I included this quote from Bob Marley. It makes me feel better.

If I was educated, I would be a damn fool. -Bob Marley


Do you have an MFA? Was it worth it? Are you a working author without an MFA? Do you wish you had the degree? Talk about it in the comments (and help me with my own insecurity, pretty please?).