Motivation Monday: A Lesson I Still Haven’t Learned

Have you ever met a Type A who procrastinates? If not, hi. My name is Shanan. And this quote is the story of my life. 

I’ve never really mastered the importance of the small daily task. Sure, I’ve trained for and run a few marathons, but my “small daily task” was a) not that small and b) had some immediate payoffs (like calorie burning and muscle soreness).

But “small daily tasks” are a great strategy for writers, especially new ones, who have the worthy goal of “just finishing the damn book.”



Are you a writer feeling overwhelmed by the sheer scale of that novel you’ve just undertaken? Are you a chronic procrastinator who gets into fits of doing everything all at once (ostensibly to “save up” for the next period of inactivity)?

Well, Trollope did say “small.” What’s a small daily task? What about writing a single sentence?

Too small? How about a single paragraph? Depending on the medium you’re writing for, a single paragraph could max out at two sentences (or up to as many as you want. Just ask James Joyce).

Happy Monday, writers! Whats your “small daily task”? Do you have one? Or are you an overachiever who writes thousands of words a day? Share in the comments.