Motivation Monday: Playing God in Your Writing

There’s a delicate ego balance that must be maintained to write narrative well. You have to run the story without using it as like it’s show-and-tell and your wonderful mind is on display. 

Writing early in the morning and late at night are two ways you can give your ego a little shove out the door while your creative mind takes over. That takes the pressure to perform off, so you can just play, worrying about impressing no one.

Which is convenient, because…



Genesis 1 is a picture of a God who plays. The language of the first chapter of the Bible is very tightly restrained for the scale of the events being described, but it doesn’t take a huge leap of imagination to see a Creator at play, separating the water from the sky, bringing up land here and there, unfurling leaves over newly green earth, setting dragonflies loose over fields.

But until he created humans, God wasn’t visible on the Earth. And until you appear in your own story, your ego should stay softly in the background as you do your best exposition, your best story-telling. Sometimes that might require some conscious decision-making and some very careful editing (red flag: details that “add color” without any demonstrable purpose).

Happy Monday, writers. Where do you fit in in the story you’re working on? Have you ever made yourself the main character? How did that work out? Share your experience in the comments.