Pen Food: May 21, 2013

WHO SAID IT? “The first draft of anything is shit.” 22 of the Best Quotes on Writing, Ever

3 Effortless Ways to Get More Done. Don’t pretend you don’t need this.


It may seem perfectly feasible to let the reader discover where the story is going and what the character has planned as and when they happen in the story, but the rule of thumb is very simple: If the character knows so should the reader. The goal, the plan, the next step, these are all things the character will be aware of in each scene. And so should the reader.

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WHAT COULD GO WRONG? claims you can love your way to higher freelance rates:

Forget about market research and what competitors are doing. What feels right at heart? Where you can radiate positivity and love when you say that price?

I’m skeptical.

And lastly, in case it’s images that move you, here’s a picture of Sammy.

©Greg Haislip
©Greg Haislip