Pen Food, May 29, 2013

I’ve decided that if I don’t develop any other good habits this year, I’m developing this one: When my alarm goes off, I get out of bed. Doesn’t matter what happens after that; I will simply commit to getting my sleepy butt out of bed and not returning to the bed.

In that spirit, here’s some pen food focused on procrastination and building some good habits.

FIND TRUTH IN SURFING. Peter Bregman has an epiphany watching surfers fall down before dawn.

Dumb Little Man teaches you the art of time management in ten minutes, so you can get back to accomplishing things.

I TOTALLY DO THIS: The Dumb Little Man strikes again, this time with a post on gaining traction and moving forward toward your goals.

After a few days of using the quarterback method, Riley had a profound revaluation:

I realized I was hiding behind my to-do list. When faced with the option of doing something scary and doing something comfortable, I usually chose comfort.