The Procrastiwriter Featured in the Newest Issue of The Woven Tale!

“Too many well-conceived and artful blog posts are relegated to their archives too soon,” says The Woven Tale, an e-literary magazine devoted to curating and preserving “an eclectic mix of the literary, humorous and innovative—blog posts ephemeral, meant to be indelible.”

Edited by Sandra Tyler of A Writer Weaves a Tale, this collection features blog posts from around the ‘sphere on Googling in the grocery checkout line, an archeology dig at Vesuvius, the genitalia of the hawk moth, and a post from The Procrastiwriter – “It’s a Doozy,” from Phrases on Fridays!

Go check out this cool collection, where each blog post is given plenty of space to claim the page, breathe and be noticed – “It’s a Doozy” can be found on page 14.

Happy reading!