10 Affirmations Every Experienced Writer Needs

In a previous post, I talked about why affirmations are important to help new writers overcome the unique challenge they face. But affirmations are also a hugely valuable tool in … Continue Reading →

10 Affirmations Every New Writer Needs

As a writer, you’ve got a lot of outside forces conspiring to talk you out of going after your dreams of getting published, writing full-time, teaching writing or whatever goal … Continue Reading →

Is Your Word Count Hurting Your Writing?

Are you a word counter? How can you tell whether it’s really making your writing better?

How to Conquer the Mushy Middle of Writing, Part 2

In Part 1 of How to Conquer the Mushy Middle of Writing, I shared some stellar advice from three experienced writers who know how to take a piece of writing, … Continue Reading →

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How to Know Your Story Is Actually Finished

This post isn’t for the goal-oriented writer with an outline and a plan. Instead, it’s for the writer who’s never quite sure if something is “good enough” for publication, for … Continue Reading →

How to Tell the Difference Between Your Inner Editor and Your Inner Critic

We’ve all been there. You’re stuck at a difficult spot in your writing, with an edit in mind that you’re not sure is the right move. Would my character really … Continue Reading →

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