So I Failed at NaNo and Other Updates

Hi, friends. Here I am again. It’s been a wild six months. Here’s a brief summary. Cole moved to his crib. He hit his 4 month sleep regression and now … Continue Reading →

What Do You Do When Your Plot Changes Halfway through?

What Do You Do When Your Plot Changes Halfway Through?

Today’s oddly musical post title brought to you by the uniquely writerly combination of leftover taco fixins and hot coffee. I know; my life is glamorous. Are you a pantser? … Continue Reading →

The Other Side of the Procrastination Coin: How Do You Handle Vacation Guilt?

So I’ll say it: We’re famous for never getting anything done, at least not done on time. But honestly, that’s not a procrastinator’s biggest problem. (It’s the biggest problem for … Continue Reading →

Writing While on the Toilet: Good Idea or Bad Idea?

Should the toilet be a space sacred even from that which writers hold most sacred? Discuss. 

An Open Letter to the Impatient Novelist

Dear Novelist-who-wants-to-have-written: Aren’t you tired of hearing “You must do the work,” from all and sundry corners of the online writing community? Isn’t it hard to wait on your own … Continue Reading →

Suzanne Brazil

[Guest Post] Establishing Your Writing Fallback Point

This is a guest post by writer Suzanne M. Brazil. Suzanne is a freelance writer and editor living in a recently empty nest in the suburbs of Chicago. Her work … Continue Reading →

[Guest Post] When the Writing is the Procrastination

Charles Heiner has an MFA in Creative Writing from McNeese State University. His fiction has been published in The Laurel Review, Fiction Weekly, Glossy News, The Spoof, Cheek Teeth, Dirtflask, … Continue Reading →

[Guest Post] Procrastination: The Great Leveler

This is a guest post by Alan Gelb, a writing coach and widely published author of fiction and nonfiction, including his latest Having the Last Say: Capturing Your Legacy in One … Continue Reading →

You Need These 6 Writing T-Shirts

It’s a polite request that you please send me one of each of these for Christmas. I’m a size Sm. Thanks.

Writetip Wednesday: Flag ALL the Things

Did you know that, in the springtime, poison ivy isn’t green? I didn’t when I used a metaphor, “a blogger who’s greener than poison ivy in springtime” on this very … Continue Reading →

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