You might be a writer if...

You Might Be a Writer

Arguably Jeff Foxworthy’s most famous bit, “You might be a redneck” singlehandedly defined a certain subset of Southern American culture for an entire generation of Americans living to the north … Continue Reading →

The Writer Goes Running: 2014 Hartford Marathon Race Recap

I really thought I was going to die.

Scumbag brain

The Myth of Getting Ahead

The flip side of the procrastination coin is the manic impulse we have, on occasion, to not be caught with our proverbial pants down; we feel a powerful urge to get ahead, … Continue Reading →

An Open Letter to Lazy Writers

I’m one of you, and we experience online writing culture a little differently, don’t we?

Goal Setting

5 Ways to Put More GO Into Your Goal Setting!

This is a guest post by Jennifer Brown Banks, an award-winning, prolific writer, who gets a lot accomplished through good time management, rich chocolate, herbal tea, bubble baths and “selective“ phone answering. Visit … Continue Reading →

Secrets of a Writing Habit, Pt. 3: Set a (Read-Through) Date

Ah… good, old-fashioned fear. Nothing motivates quite like the urge to avoid artistic humiliation!

Secrets of a Writing Habit, Pt. 2: Stick Some Fun on It

Honestly, who wants to write if it isn’t fun? 

Secrets of a Writing Habit, Pt. 1: How to Avoid Habit Guilt at All Costs

Hey, you! Yeah, you. The one that’s crap at starting habits, and who wantonly gets distracted and can’t follow through on anything. Yeah, I’m talking to you. Are you a … Continue Reading →

How to Make Writing Time Magically Appear When You’re Pretty Sure You Have None

Wouldn’t it be great to wave a magic wand, swish-and-flick style, and make long, luxurious hours appear out of nowhere, just for you to sit down and write? Well, that … Continue Reading →

Grammar Gripes? 4 Great Grammar Sites for Reference, Ranting

If straight-writing blogs (like this one) are fun, the blogs that focus on grammar are pure catharsis. As part of my effort to kill the phrase “Grammar Nazi,” here are … Continue Reading →

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