[Guest Post] Creative Ways to Battle Writer’s Block!

This morning, please welcome writer Ben Russel to The Procrastiwriter! His helpful thoughts on battling the all-consuming writer’s block will help you march past all kinds of creative impasses. Ben works … Continue Reading →

[Guest Post] Are YOU Cut Out to Be a Freelance Writer?

Today, please welcome Cassie Phillips to the blog! Cassie is a blogger for Secure Thoughts. She’s spent several years working as a freelance writer, so she’s very familiar with the … Continue Reading →

Why I Don’t Write During the Holiday Season (And You Shouldn’t, Either)

Holidays, man. If you celebrate the typical Judeo-Christian calendar, we’re in the last leg of the holiday marathon. We’ve hit the wall. Those of us with kids are looking forward … Continue Reading →

Facebook: How to Grow Your Page by “Buying Organic”

      We love Facebook. We hate Facebook. But these days, authors who don’t have a professional Facebook page are missing out on a huge traffic driver to their personal … Continue Reading →

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[Guest Post] Should You Let Others Read Your Work Before It’s Finished?

This is a guest post by Zachary Smith. He writes Fantasy and Science Fiction. Zachary says, “I also blog about writing, finding motivation to write, and how to do it all on … Continue Reading →

[Guest Post] 4 Ways for Writers to Make Money in Marketing

This guest post is by Linda Craig, an established editor with experience in education. Unemployed or lightly employed writers – LISTEN UP. Linda has some advice and some ideas for … Continue Reading →

Writing While on the Toilet: Good Idea or Bad Idea?

Should the toilet be a space sacred even from that which writers hold most sacred? Discuss. 

Breaking the Not-Writing Cycle

Fat Bastard is here because he’s perfect. Runners know what happens when you can’t run, when life or sickness or injury or fatigue gets in the way: You get rangry. … Continue Reading →

Suzanne Brazil

[Guest Post] Establishing Your Writing Fallback Point

This is a guest post by writer Suzanne M. Brazil. Suzanne is a freelance writer and editor living in a recently empty nest in the suburbs of Chicago. Her work … Continue Reading →

Review: Plot & Structure by James Scott Bell

He’s polite about it, but you can tell that James Scott Bell, author of Write Great Fiction: Plot & Structure, has no patience for pantsers. 

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