How to Be a Singing Writer

Not all good writing is lyrical, and not all lyrical writing is good. So why bother pursuing this style? Because it’s fun, that’s why. Because it lets us writers play … Continue Reading →

Are Your Expectations Ruining Your Writing?

Have you ever had this thought, or said this to yourself? “Nothing ever comes out the way I want it to.” That thought can cause more damage to your writing … Continue Reading →

Writing When Other Stuff Starts to Go Wrong

Saturday morning, the gasket on my dishwasher came unglued. Then, the rest of my day followed, with bad luck spreading like the soapy, dirty water that covered the kitchen floor. … Continue Reading →

Dueling Advice: Should Great Writers Really Steal?

The Internet is full of conflicting advice, prone to frustrating new and experienced writers alike. These two bits of wisdom, both inspiring, both helpful, are not only directly at odds … Continue Reading →

This Is Your Writing on Caffeine

No, it won’t stunt your growth, but will it stunt your writing? Lifehacker recently did an excellent and comprehensive piece on how your brain behaves on caffeine, and why caffeine … Continue Reading →

It’s Not You, It’s the Heat

Most of the eastern US is in a heat wave right now. The humidity is making the air so heavy you can almost chew it, and the bugs and beetles … Continue Reading →

Three Encouraging Thoughts for Writers

More people are reading more often than ever before. A nagging concern for new writers is, “Who will my audience be? Will anyone actually want to read my book?” The good news … Continue Reading →

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