What Do You Do When Your Plot Changes Halfway through?

What Do You Do When Your Plot Changes Halfway Through?

Today’s oddly musical post title brought to you by the uniquely writerly combination of leftover taco fixins and hot coffee. I know; my life is glamorous. Are you a pantser? … Continue Reading →

Why I Don’t Write During the Holiday Season (And You Shouldn’t, Either)

Holidays, man. If you celebrate the typical Judeo-Christian calendar, we’re in the last leg of the holiday marathon. We’ve hit the wall. Those of us with kids are looking forward … Continue Reading →

Weird Sources of Writing Inspiration, Part 2: Surround Your Social Media with Writing

One way to make sure you’re never out of the writing mindset is to soak your head in it, every waking minute. At least, while you’re online. (Also check out … Continue Reading →

Review: How to Write a Novel Using the Snowflake Method

  Are you a fiction writer who’s absolutely terrified of limp plots and drooping character arcs? Do you have a great first line in mind, a story concept, maybe, but no … Continue Reading →

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[Guest Post] Should You Let Others Read Your Work Before It’s Finished?

This is a guest post by Zachary Smith. He writes Fantasy and Science Fiction. Zachary says, “I also blog about writing, finding motivation to write, and how to do it all on … Continue Reading →

An Open Letter to the Impatient Novelist

Dear Novelist-who-wants-to-have-written: Aren’t you tired of hearing “You must do the work,” from all and sundry corners of the online writing community? Isn’t it hard to wait on your own … Continue Reading →

How to Disguise Characters Without Confusing Readers

In the spirit of Halloween here in the good old USA, let’s talk about what to do when your characters assume disguises, costumes, false identities, secret identities, and so forth.

When Someone Finds a Typo in Your Book

  I can still remember the first time I found a typo in a book. It was (is) Mary Higgins Clark’s memoir Kitchen Privileges, I was about thirteen years old, and the … Continue Reading →

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The Rise of the Internet Apostrophe

Perhaps you know a few person’s who do horrible thing’s like this to innocent noun’s and verb’s on Facebook and other Internet site’s. 

Setting Goals: A Form of Self-Hatred

Goals are great. Except when they’re not.

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