[Guest Post] Are YOU Cut Out to Be a Freelance Writer?

Today, please welcome Cassie Phillips to the blog! Cassie is a blogger for Secure Thoughts. She’s spent several years working as a freelance writer, so she’s very familiar with the … Continue Reading →

Typewriter keys

Guest Post: How to Write an Unforgettable Closing Line

This morning, please welcome author Jonathan Vars to the blog! Jonathan Vars is a Christian fiction writer from New England, founder of the writing website voltampsreactive.com. His work in literary … Continue Reading →

A Eulogy for Pat Conroy, the Prince of Tides

Georgia-born literary novelist Pat Conroy died at his home last Friday, March 4, 2016. He was 70 years old. I’d nurtured the deeply personal dream of meeting him in person … Continue Reading →

What Do You Do When Your Plot Changes Halfway through?

What Do You Do When Your Plot Changes Halfway Through?

Today’s oddly musical post title brought to you by the uniquely writerly combination of leftover taco fixins and hot coffee. I know; my life is glamorous. Are you a pantser? … Continue Reading →

The Best Writers’ Christmas List EVER.

There are some gifts, oddities and novelties that only writers can appreciate. Such as:

Review: How to Write a Novel Using the Snowflake Method

  Are you a fiction writer who’s absolutely terrified of limp plots and drooping character arcs? Do you have a great first line in mind, a story concept, maybe, but no … Continue Reading →

[Guest Post] 4 Ways for Writers to Make Money in Marketing

This guest post is by Linda Craig, an established editor with experience in education. Unemployed or lightly employed writers – LISTEN UP. Linda has some advice and some ideas for … Continue Reading →

Do You Like Your Own Work Too Much?

Recently I heard a podcast (this isn’t surprising; I go through three or four podcast episodes a day) wherein the host, an accomplished fantasy/sci-fi author, was debating her guest, an … Continue Reading →

Do You Need a Social Media Purge?

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that this whole Internet thing is there to solve your problems, to make you feel better, not worse. 

[Guest Post] When the Writing is the Procrastination

Charles Heiner has an MFA in Creative Writing from McNeese State University. His fiction has been published in The Laurel Review, Fiction Weekly, Glossy News, The Spoof, Cheek Teeth, Dirtflask, … Continue Reading →

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