Want to Write Punchy Main Characters? Rocky’s Here to Help [Guest Post]

I was a late-comer to the Rocky party. In fact, I would have continued to avoid the hard-hitting franchise (oh yes, this short post is going to be riddled with boxing puns) for the next 26 years, had my husband not sat me down one Sunday afternoon, put a DVD in the player with a certain air of finality and said, “Today, we’re watching Rocky.”

Credit: il.irenelee, flickr.com
Credit: il.irenelee, flickr.com

Now, I’m not at all skilled at sports (I run because I lack the coordination and grace to do anything else), so as “Take You Back” began to play and scenes of Philadelphia came into view, I began to watch the boxing epic as a master class in characters and characterization.

You have to admit—Rocky, Paulie, Mick and Adrian are an eminently memorable crew.

Before long, I realized that going a few rounds with the Rocky series (I warned you) was teaching me some lessons about writing. Here’s what I’ve learned, shared in a guest post to Bryan Hutchinson’s Positive Writer (seriously, if you haven’t visited his blog yet, put it on your to-do list), “5 Things Rocky Taught Me About Writing Knockout Main Characters.”

As always, a shout-out to Bryan (“Yo!”)  for allowing me to be a part of Positive Writer! Check it out.