Weird Sources of Writing Inspiration, Part 2: Surround Your Social Media with Writing


One way to make sure you’re never out of the writing mindset is to soak your head in it, every waking minute. At least, while you’re online.

(Also check out Part 1 in this series, Weird Sources of Writing Inspiration, Part 1: Creepypasta)

Ditch Your Twitter Lists

Don’t put your writing friends into the wordsmith ghetto. That’s not the way to make sure you in some small way feel like a writer at all times. Being surrounded by people talking about the business and the craft is a way to stay in the slipstream, as it were. Ditching your “Awesome Writers on Twitter” lists makes your Twitter main feed a much livelier place for the wordsmiths in your life.

If you’ll pardon the pun, stop putting your writer friends in the margins of your social media. Let them be the center. And if you find that boring or somehow irrelevant, think of all the extra time you’ll spend writing, since you logged out of social media early.

PS: My Twitter handle is @Write_Tomorrow, and I’ll be happy to load up your Twitter feed with writerly goodness.

Saturate Your Facebook Feed

Find the writers’ groups on Facebook (I’m a fan of Women Writers, Women’s Books, and SHAMELESS PLUG ALERT I have a writing Facebook page at

Something about the profusion of writerly chatter can help me normalize the state of being a writer in my mind so that I no longer separate it from the rest of my life, and can slip into the flow more easily when I’m pressed for time (which is, um, always).

Fill Your RSS Feed

What? You have a smartphone but not a news aggregator?

1. Get thee to Google Play or the App Store and download (search “feedly”).

2. Add the best writing blogs on the web by typing their titles into the search bar (ideas: Writer Unboxed, The Write Conversation, Helping Writers Become Authors, Live Write Thrive, TERRIBLEMINDS, Whatever, The Write Practice, Positive Writer, and scads and scads of others).

3. Read and refresh every day.

4. Recharge your writing batteries!


What other social media tricks do you use to make sure you’re always “in the zone”? Share in the comments.