Weird Sources of Writing Inspiration You Can Find Online, Part 1

You know it. I know it. There’s writing inspiration literally all around you. Even the very air you breathe can spark some kind of art, and writers are masters of getting the best angles out of even the most mundane things.

And then there are days like today.

It’s snowing. Like it has been since November, the sky is grey. None of my flowers dare peek above the cold and soggy earth. And frankly, there’s nothing I’d rather do than sleep.

Perhaps you been here, under this itchy boredom blanket.

Fortunately, the Internet is here to help. This is the start of series on where to look for some writing mojo when yours is notably absent.


img credit: psychonaught, wiki.commons
img credit: psychonaught, wiki.commons

I love horror stories. More precisely, I love amateur scarefests written not by slick, experienced authors but rougher, newer authors without editors and publishers and squeaky clean presentations. Reading this kind of work tends to be more stimulating, at least for me, than the over-sanitized stuff that’s already made it (been published).

Enter Creepypasta: an Internet storehouse full of different authors, styles and subgenres that range from the deliciously goosebumpy to I-legitimately-am-never-sleeping-again variety. These stories are good for a jolt back into writing, or just a good old jump-scare on even the most apathetic of days.

There are actually two good places to get creepypasta: the Creepypasta page and the subreddit /r/nosleep.

And if you have any doubts that it’s still scary even though it’s written by newer writers? I just snapped at my husband for trying to start a conversation with me when I was about three quarters of the way through this story, “The Linen Closet.”

Sorry, honey. The story was intense.

And occasionally you can find a story that knocks your socks off, that you can’t put down even though you’re supposed to be doing other things, like cooking dinner, or sleeping, or working.

That story is Footsteps, the beginning of the larger story Penpal, by Reddit user 1000vultures (Dathan Auerbach). You’re welcome.

Do you like horror? Do you read creepypasta? Why is it called creepypasta? Share in the comments!