Writing While on the Toilet: Good Idea or Bad Idea?

ThunderLightning 2

Should the toilet be a space sacred even from that which writers hold most sacred? Discuss. 

Personally, there is rarely a time when I am in the loo that I don’t have my phone on me. However, because the sound of the inside of my own head bothers me more often than I care to actually admit, when I’m indisposed, I’m usually playing Candy Crush or thumbing through my Feedly list.

But the thought occurred to me that these 5-15 minute spans throughout the day could add up to a LOT of new words (I use Werdsmith for cloud-based writing) that I otherwise wouldn’t find time to throw down.

How GOOD is potty writing, anyway, in terms of literary quality?

Perhaps the toilet should be a sacred space for a completely blank mind, a respite for a busy soul, a place of quiet zen? If you have small kids, that’s probably not true for you. Me, I don’t have any kids, and if I ever do have kids, am likely to resent the potty-time intrusion. (Isn’t that what cribs and Pack N Plays and iPads are for?)

The jury is out on pee-break prose. I’m not sure that anything I write in 5 or 10 minutes of “multitasking” is going to replace the blessed mind vacation I get from simply fuzzing out and reading aspirational home decor blogs while my toes grow cold on the marble tile floor of my perfectly adequate, yet sometimes scatological “me time.”

You know, I think the moral of this is to not be so pressed for time that I feel the need to multitask in the bathroom. Maybe that’s the ticket.

Thoughts on writing from the last stall on the left? Guys, do you feel left out because you don’t get as much time to sit and think as we women do? Am I meditating on toilets too much? Maybe this is a reach.

Happy Wednesday, y’all.